The Lily Trotters Difference

It's time for women to expect more out of their compression socks. It’s time women had choices beyond thick, hard-to-get-on athletic socks and plain and boring medical socks. It’s time for Lily Trotters.

While options in women’s compression are slow to emerge, Lily Trotters are unique — marrying original, sassy and fashionable designs to high-performance compression.

 What Sets Lily Trotters Apart?

  • Our designs are sassy and fashion-forward — adorable with your cutest running shorts but smart-looking with a skirt or slacks, too.
  • Our proprietary weave makes Lily Trotters uncharacteristically easy to get on and off.
  • Our socks have just the right squeeze — so that unlike other compression socks, you can comfortably wear Lily Trotters for hours on end
  • Our thin, sturdy, moisture-wicking knit fits inside dress shoes as easily as sneakers.

Now the same compression sock you wear to run a marathon can also get you through a marathon long day. Moreover, since our socks are designed, manufactured, and quality-tested in the USA, every pair of Lily Trotters you buy helps strengthen our country’s economy by supporting well-paying jobs and professional conditions for USA factory workers.

Lily Trotters are feel-good socks for our legs, our wardrobe, and our hearts.