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Road Miles + Compression Socks for Driving = The perfect pair

September 23, 2016

Reflections of a Road Warrior... It’s a great day for a drive.  Overcast, no rain in sight, mid-70s. No worry of driving into blinding sun or pounding rain. After years of long drives across this beautiful country, I know myself and I know the road. Preparing for yet another long-distance drive, I pack my ritual Road Trip Survivor Kit: Water – checkSnacks – checkCar phone charger – checkDownloaded podcasts - checkMoney – checkCompression socks for driving – check Let's go!  1. Water While keeping hydrated translates to many rest stops, I will not ever skimp on water. Hydrating is an essential health element and contributes to physical and mental alertness. The bonus is that each stop means taking a walk,...

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