lily trotters compression

Strong enough for a marathon, comfortable enough to wear for hours, pretty enough to wear almost anywhere, and thin enough to fit into all your favorite shoes. 

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NEW wide calf collection!

Compression just got sweeter for calves up to 22" in circumference. If your calves have been craving our leg ((hugs))...the wait is now over!

How do compression socks help you?


Shanti Hodges

Shanti Hodges is a hike guide and the owner of Wild Utah Tours near Zion National Park. She is also the founder of Hike it Baby, a nonprofit organization dedicated to getting families outside and on trail with young kids. She lives in La Verkin, UT with her husband and son.

Mother. Hiker. Guide. Activitst. Badass. Battleaxe.

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They fit well, are easier to put on than other brands, and my legs feel great! No more pain and tiredness when I wear them. They look good too! Thank you, Lily trotters!

Karen L.

"I wore my socks on the flight in anticipation of some swelling and discomfort, and the socks worked wonders at avoiding both during a long 16 hr travel day on my feet."

Galen P.

"Tired legs!? No problem, I just slip on my lily trotters."

Angela P.

"Love them! Can’t believe I ever lived without them... I now try and wear them every day, all day!"

Meghan D.