Size Charts

The best fit for Lily Trotters compression socks is based on your calf circumference. Carefully measure your calf at its widest part using a fabric measuring tape. Lily Trotters can really stretch, so to ensure your calf feels the 15-20 mmHg hug most accurately, select the size that best matches your calf circumference.

Many people can wear more than one size comfortably. Our socks do stretch everywhere, including in the foot, that's why the calf measurement is most critical. If you are on the taller side, you may prefer the length of our L/XL. 

Our Wide-Calf compression socks are built differently to accommodate a larger calf circumference. We make our Wide-Calf with both a Small Foot and a Large Foot to help those with bigger calves get the best fit possible

Remember, Lily Trotters are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. If your socks do not fit, we will help guide you to the correct size. If needed, follow our Returns & Exchanges policy.

NOTE: Crew socks and Bobby Sox are sized by foot size only.

Please refer to our size charts below to find your best fit: