FLOCK: Our Ambassadors

Lily Trotters: where birds of all feathers flock together.

Lily Trotters Ambassadors - aka FLOCK -  is a diverse group of #unstoppable people of all ages, races, genders and body shapes. A mix of elite athletes and weekend warriors from any sport. Influencers, travelers, healthcare workers, moms, dads - all active people who wear Lily Trotters Compression to help themselves live their best life.

Our FLOCK is not afraid to get their hands (or feet) dirty and they love looking good while doing it!

Each FLOCK member embodies the Lily Trotters’ identity and is active in their community, inspiring others to live healthy lifestyles, to set goals, to work hard, to play harder. Each is an activist for kindness, positivity and inclusivity.

Apply to join the FLOCK and come find respite on our lily pad - where we can all float above the murkiness of life, enjoy our leg ((hugs)) and simply breathe and be.

Program Benefits may include a mix of the following and will be determined on an individual basis: 

  • Free socks with earned points

  • 25% Discount for personal use up to four times per year (quarterly)

  • 15% Shareable unique discount for followers

  • Possible affiliate link to earn a commission of sales
  • Opportunity to be featured on social media 

  • Opportunity to provide feedback on new products 

  • Opportunity to join campaigns and earn extra socks & swag as you participate throughout the year

Lily Trotters FLOCK Ambassadors Agree To:

  • Be an authentic brand advocate for our products both online and off-line.

  • Actively engage in campaigns and with our social accounts (like, follow, comment and share Lily Trotters posts, sales etc.)

  • Be willing to share your love for Lily Trotters Compression Socks on your social media accounts (accounts must be public) - minimum of 2 posts per month sharing your unique 15% discount code & tagging @LilyTrotters Using hashtags: #lilytrotters #lovemylilytrotters  #LilyTrottersFlock #LiveLikeLily #beunstoppable 

  • Contribute 1 blog post and/or IG take-over each year 

Applications for the new 2023-2024 program are available!  Email leaderoftheflock@lilytrotters.com for information.