Calf Sleeves

Increase athletic performance and speed up muscle recovery​ with compression sleeves.

Have you noticed runners wearing compression knee socks or calf sleeves? What about elite athletes wearing arm sleeves for support? More and more athletes, from professionals to weekend warriors, are embracing the benefits of compression— both during and after exercise.

Compression has been shown to enhance athletic performance and speed up muscle recovery and soreness post exercise. The results of several ​scientific studies indicate that wearing compression sleeves stimulates blood flow and reduces lactic acid build-up, which can reduce, prevent or shorten the length of delayed onset muscle soreness. This change allows you to recover faster and jump back into your training or physical activity more quickly. Think about it: If you do a super hard workout and you reduce your recovery time, you can participate in another high-impact workout sooner.

The Research on Compression and Athletics

A 2010 study of young female athletes tested the effects of wearing graduated compression after performing a series of plyometric exercises— including countermovement jumps and squat jumps— which tend to cause temporary muscle damage. The athletes wearing compression experienced less soreness than those who didn’t wear them, supporting the idea that compression can be an effective recovery strategy following exercise-induced muscle damage. According to this study, “The ability to train consistently at high levels is important for athletes, and the potential advantage offered by compression at this time-point should not be understated.”  Read More.