Our Response to COVID-19

Our Response to COVID-19

COVID-19 - How We Responded

Just like everyone, Lily Trotters is adjusting to our new upside-down world -- thanks to this global pandemic. The news is both terrifying and confusing as the US braces for the inevitable spike of COVID-19 cases around the country.

Seeing our overworked and burdened healthcare professionals fighting this virus on the frontline, every day, with inadequate equipment and supplies, is just brutal. Hearing the stories of those suffering from COVID-19 and of those who have died is simply heartbreaking. 

Businesses, schools, churches, and most everything considered non-essential is closed. We have all been told to stay home. The eerie emptiness on the streets is as surreal as our mounting collective panic. Yet, I am inspired as I see so many groups band together and creatively find new ways to stay connected and conduct school, church, and business remotely. And I am moved by so many selfless acts to help our most vulnerable. 

Lily Trotters' core mission has always been to help people to live healthier, more active and pain-free lives by simply changing the socks they wear. Our compression socks are literally leg ((hugs)). So, we are helping in the best way we can -- by donating FREE SOCKS ((hugs)).

We started in March by launching a BUY ONE/GIVE ONE pair to help alleviate the loneliness and isolation many are feeling as a result of self-quarantine and social distancing. I was so moved by the response and the many messages of love and gratitude we received. We were so happy to help folks reach out and ((hug)) a loved one. Literally stuffing and mailing those FREE PAIRS was a personal joy for me.

As Maryland and my city of Baltimore braced for the spike we knew was coming, Lily Trotters remains grateful to Baltimore City Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke for facilitating our first hospital donation of 150+ pairs of compression socks to the healthcare workers at Medstar Union Memorial. 
During the month of April we donated ONE FREE PAIR  for every full-priced OTC pair purchased on lilytrotters.com. We are so grateful to all of you who generously joined with us to HELP OUR HERO HEALTHCARE WORKERS get through their exhausting and stressful days with well-hugged, less tired legs. 

As of May 1st, we have donated 650+ pairs to hospitals in New York City, Baltimore, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC, New Orleans and Michigan. 

With retailers and medical offices mostly closed, we are very grateful to be able to continue with our online sales. A huge and heartfelt THANK YOU to all of our loyal customers and prayers of hope and health for all adversely affected.

I know there will be many lessons learned from COVID-19 -- this invisible and equal-opportunity enemy doesn’t discriminate on age, gender, nationality, race, religion, or economic status. We humans are all literally connected. My great hope is that this humbles all of us.

Peace and love,

Susan, Founder & Designer