Myles is the owner and operator of Mylestone Fitness, a personal training company that focuses on Human Performance. His training philosophy is based on the idea that fitness is “More than Movement!”.” It’s about optimizing the overall performance of the human body. Like the approach of an athlete, nutrition, sleep, hydration, mental health, and recovery are all pieces to the puzzle, just to name a few.

Myles’ passion for helping others see the benefit of pursuing a healthy lifestyle stemmed from his own negative health experiences as a kid and moments in his adult life. As he progressed through his athletic career as a young adult he began to appreciate just how important it is to optimize performance not only on the playing field, but also in the everyday playing field of life.    

Myles operates his business primarily out of the Baltimore, MD area, but also trains with clients virtually around the country. When he isn’t finding new ways to make the world healthier, he enjoys reading, eating, sleeping in and knocking around in his favorite pair of Lily Trotter Compression socks!

One conversation with Myles and you’ll want to train with him - he’s that good AND he’s that much fun to be around. We asked Myles to share his story with us, and you can watch that here: