Hey Lily Trotters fans! We're excited to guide you on how to share your content and grab your Lily Trotters gift card. 
When you're all set, just email us your content with the correct keyword subject line (see below) and your gift card will be sent straight to your inbox! 💌
To receive your gift card as quickly as possible, please use the correct keyword subject line to match your content: 
  • Photo UGC keyword subject line for photo selfies
  • Video UGC keyword subject line for videos 
  • Photo & Video keyword subject line for both photos & videos
Email us at:
Quick note, while we absolutely love receiving multiple photos from you, gift cards are not stackable. So, no matter how many photos or videos you send (we're super grateful for each one!), you will get a single gift card.
Gift cards will be issued upon approval of content provided. Be sure to closely follow our guidelines outlined below. 
So get ready to grab a $10 gift card for selfie photos or a $20 gift card for a video!'s a sweet deal: if you send us both photos and a video, we will send you a $35 gift card! 🎉
REMINDER: by submitting your images and videos to Lily Trotters, you agree to our usage of your images without restriction as set forth here. 

$10 Gift Card Selfie Content Guidelines:

  • Take a selfie wearing your Lily Trotters purchase(s)
  • We prefer photos without shoes - don't cover up the socks
  • Make sure to have good lighting
  • Take your selfie vertically with a 9:16 aspect ratio
  • Please do not add any filters or color grading to your submitted content
  • Avoid wearing clothing with logos
  • Please keep your background clean and/or aesthetic



$20 Gift Card Video Content Guidelines:

  • Film a vertical selfie video, sharing your experience with Lily Trotters & what you love about us! (20-50 Seconds)
  • Which product features (e.g. manage swelling, pain, injuries, comfort, quality etc.) make your life easier?
  • Would you recommend Lily Trotters to your friends?
  • Show some close-ups of your Lily Trotters and try to keep them in the frame while you talk - you could be holding them in your hand or putting them on...
  • Relax, and don't be afraid to show your personality!

$20 Gift Card Video Shooting specifications:

  • Must film in good lighting
  • Film all content vertically, in a 9:16 aspect ratio
  • Please turn off all ACs, fans, and other loud devices while filming
  • Please do not add any filters or color grading to your submitted content
  • Please do not add any music or text
  • Avoid wearing bright colors or patterned clothing - no logos, please
  • Please keep your background clean and/or aesthetic