Flock-on-Sock: or sock with flock? No matter how you say it, our Lily bird is taking center stage in our newly patterned sock starring her!

Eight years later and Lily is really coming out of her shell...bolder, wiser, evolving, and ascending to new heights. And, just like jacana birds (aka lily trotters) in nature, she is strong, empowered, and always ready for action! 😉 

Flock-on-Sock is also here to honor our treasured ambassadors, our FLOCK. We love and appreciate all they do for Lily Trotters every single day - spreading the word about the benefits of compression and their passion for our socks. 

So, get ready to take flight and strut like Lily while you give your legs a first-class treatment. And join our ever-growing and warm Lily Trotters community. 

Let's always flock together in peace and love. 💗