Lily Trotters releases two new styles!

August 24, 2017

Lily Trotters releases two new styles!

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Are these really compression socks...?

You are sure to be “S’mitten©” with Lily Trotters new 2018 styles!

Lily Trotters is releasing two new breakout styles for 2018 — “S’mitten ©” and “Course-it! ©.” Wearing compression socks is finally getting a little bit more playful. Whether running, traveling, sitting or standing, women can now add support to their legs and look adorable while doing so.

The whimsical S’mitten© style is sure to steal hearts (and legs) in three fun colors. The name says it all — reminiscent of Icelandic and Nordic patterns, get ready to feel great and get noticed while donning a pair of these adorable socks. You are sure to be, well, smitten! Offered in Navy, Purple, and Aqua.

The more ‘racey’ Course-it!© style will keep your calves snug and tucked in place! Whether literally outrunning the competition or simply strutting towards your next flight, your followers will be left in the dust confused by their imaginings of naughty corset undergarments or an era long past. That’s OK... just keep moving! Offered in a soft Pink and a bolder ‘Boston-Blue’.

Why Wear Compression Socks?

Compression socks make legs feel refreshed and energized by increasing the blood flow from our legs to our heart and by raising our blood oxygen level.

But compression socks do more than just make our legs feel great. They minimize leg pain and cramping and reduce swelling in our ankles and feet. Wearing compression socks can also help keep legs healthy, by delaying the onset of varicose and spider veins. Most importantly, they can help prevent a DVT (deep vein thrombosis) — a life-threatening blood clot that can show up in our legs.

Elite and amateur athletes wear compression socks to maximize their athletic performance, speed up muscle recovery and alleviate the lactic acid buildup that occurs post workout.

But it’s not just athletes who benefit! Travelers wear compression socks to alleviate leg cramps and swollen feet and to minimize their risk of developing a DVT on a long flight. And many healthcare workers understand the benefits of compression and wear compression socks as part of their medical uniform, for their grueling 10–12 hour shifts.

Lily Trotters Signature Compression

Lily Trotters have transformed what was once a utilitarian garment into a fashion statement — compression socks that can be worn on a run, a flight, a long shift or just for a night out on the town. Lily Trotters are the ultimate athleisure compression sock for women!

Carefully crafted, Lily Trotters 15 – 20 mmHg compression socks are Built to Perform with an EASY ON & EASY OFF proprietary weave, cushioned heels, reinforced toes and anti-microbial and moisture- wicking finishes. Marathon-strong and designer-inspired! You get fit, comfort, and style, whether you’re wearing your best denim, high-tech running shorts or street chic boots with a skirt. Thin enough to rock your favorite shoes, Lily Trotters are easy to get on and off and comfortable enough to wear for hours. Whether you’re running a marathon or a mile, standing all day or sitting through a long flight, there’s a compression sock for your every need at Lily Trotters. Made (with love) and built for the long run in the USA.

If you are ready for a compression sock makeover, then Lily Trotters are perfect for you! 

About Lily Trotters

Stylish, high-quality, USA-made designer and athletic compression socks are hard to find — except at Lily Trotters — where many beautiful, high quality designs are waiting to bring the benefits of compression to women’s legs everywhere.

Lily Trotters is a women-owned business located in Baltimore and committed to making quality designer and high-performance compression socks in the USA. Working hard to educate women everywhere about the benefits of wearing compression, Lily Trotters’ goal is to improve women’s lives by simply getting them to change the socks they wear.

It all began with a 2015 Kickstarter campaign that was fully funded in under 7 hours and went on to pre-sell more than $64k in socks before launching an online store in Spring of 2016. Following rave reviews, Lily Trotters compression socks are now available in exclusive retail locations across the USA.

Committed to giving back, Lily Trotters is actively philanthropic, supporting non-pro ts like Back On My Feet (BOMF), Health Care for the Homeless, and numerous women and health related charities.

Where to Find Them

Lily Trotters offers twenty unique Signature Compression styles that retail for $48.00 and can be purchased on, Amazon, FitFlairFashion, WePower and at select retail outlets and boutiques in the US.

Lily Trotters will be at the following upcoming events:

  • Baltimore Running Festival, MD: 10/19 – 10/20/17 at the Baltimore Convention
  • The Running Event in Austin, TX: 11/28 – 12/1/17 at the Austin Convention Center


Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell...Sock!
Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell...Sock!

November 03, 2017

Lily Trotters releases a new, holiday-inspired twist on an old favorite. Dots-a-Plenty in Holly Green is sure to bring some festive flair to any winter wardrobe. Whether running, traveling sitting or standing, women can now add support to their legs while celebrating the spirit of the season!

The freshly decked Dots-A-Plenty© style is sure to steal hearts (and legs) this holiday season. What better way to show you care than giving a gift from the heart that literally benefits the hearts and overall health of your loved ones?

NEW sock shop to sell Lily Trotters
NEW sock shop to sell Lily Trotters

September 26, 2017

BALTIMORE, MD — September 26, 2017  When two of Baltimore’s truly creative, most successful women-owned businesses come together, sparks are sure to fly! This is the case with Susannah Siger, longtime owner of Ma Petite Shoe in Hampden, and Susan Costa-Walston, owner and creator of the newly released Lily Trotters compression socks. 
May 2017: Lily Trotters is blooming with PINK POWER!
May 2017: Lily Trotters is blooming with PINK POWER!

May 01, 2017

PINK PRIDE is everywhere, so whether you want to get out and MARCH for your cause, add fashion and flair to your cutest running outfit or support your legs while simply sitting or standing all-day, Lily Trotters has got you covered!
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