Lily Trotters Compression welcomes elites to their recently launched ambassador team.

Lily Trotters Compression welcomes elites to their recently launched ambassador team.

Lily Trotters wasted no time following the Summer 2017 launch of its ambassador program. The inaugural team of sixteen launched in July and has grown to over 50 female athletes in less than one year’s time. The ambassador program provides partnership and sponsorship opportunities to our athletes while encouraging members to train together, inspire one another and celebrate accomplishments as a community. Together we strive to ‘Be Unstoppable’.

In 2018, Lily Trotters has added 4 ELITE athletes to its roster. Krissy Moehl, Jackie Merritt, Maria Dalzot and Rachel Bell Kelley will be representing the brand and sharing how they use Lily Trotters to aid in their performance and recovery. All four athletes have big goals this year and are respected female voices within the running community. Lily Trotters is excited to help them get race ready and remain injury free.

“How fun and completely necessary that we now have more feminine options and women’s specific products! Lily Trotters hit the mark with decorating runners' legs, while adding the incredible benefit of dialed-in compression.”

- Krissy Moehl, Lily Trotters Elite Ambassador

Lily Trotters Ambassadors are strong and inspiring women ranging from professional athletes to sunrise runners who spend most of their day in "uniform" (whether it be mom-jeans, scrubs, or a business suit.) These wonder women aren't afraid to get their hands (or feet!) dirty, so long as they can look good doing it! Each member of our #unstoppable squad embodies the Lily Trotters’ identity and inspires others to live healthy lifestyles, set goals, work hard and play harder.

Join us in welcoming:


Krissy Moehl 
Jackie Merritt
Rachel Bell Kelly
Maria Dalzot

Denali Strabel

Nona Hillock

Cassie Brown

Maili Costa
Royce Fonseca
Carina Fryer  
Jennifer Gill
Kristin Jerome 
Casey Szesze

Michele Dillon 
Adriana Giorgetti 
Maddie Hart
Amber Schriner

Toni Church 

Maria C. Long-Minton 
Kaile Stewart 
Charisse Winter

Brianna Prinsloo
Whitney Spillers

Crystal Seaver

Colleen Bedula
Karen Bedula 
Serena Martin 
Lauren Seserko
Carly Spataro 

Fran Johnson

New York
Stephanie Dar
Karen Howe
Lulu Martinez

North Dakota
Sarah Scozzaro
Danielle Turk-Bly

Katie Dougherty 

Sherry Minkiewicz 
Ashley Nordell 


Angela Allen 
Leslie Branam
Sonia Elabd
Michelle Gochis
Courtney Oaks
Buffy Robinson 

Jackie Achter 
Lindsey Brown 
Emily Sanone 
Holin Wilbanks

Whitney Hull 

Jill Breitwieser
Mallory Scott

Kathleen Egan
Elisa Laverty

Jody Sanborn
Crista Valentino

What sets Lily Trotters apart?

Lily Trotters are stylish high-performance compression socks for women that keep you ready for whatever the day throws your way. Marathon-strong and designer inspired, you get fit, comfort and style, whether you’re wearing your best denim, high-tech running shorts or street chic boots with a skirt. Thin enough to rock your favorite shoes, Lily Trotters are easy to get on and off and comfortable enough to wear for hours.

So get ready to look beautiful, and feel unstoppable as you attack your busy day. Whether you’re running a marathon or a mile, standing all day or sitting through a long flight, there’s a compression sock for your every need at Lily Trotters. Made (with love) and built for the long run in the USA.

Lily Trotters offers twenty unique styles of Signature CompressionTM socks that retail for $48.00.  They can be purchased on, Amazon and select retail outlets and boutiques.

For information on our ambassador program and how you can join, contact For press inquiries, please visit or contact