Lily Trotters + Fleet Feet for the Win!

Can you say “team spirit”? That’s how we feel after this week at Fleet Feet’s Let’s Go Show in Minneapolis!! We are so grateful to have been included by Fleet Feet. Not only did we get to spend the week with their corporate and nationwide team of stores, but we’re thrilled to now be on their shelves nationwide!  

We also got to spend quality time with some other incredible brands carried at Fleet Feet, like goodr, Momentum Jewelry and Handful, who we joined for an outing to a Twins game. 

So, thanks again to Fleet Feet for inviting us and creating opportunities for new and exciting partnerships. Want to know if our line is carried in a Fleet Feet near you? Visit Lily Trotters store finder to find out, and if we aren’t, let them know you'd like to see us there.  Wink.

P.S. -- Check out the goodr gang! Don’t these goodr guys prove how awesome LT socks are, even on men? Definitely lookin’ good-er in those pink OM, gentlemen!! 

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