Trail Runner Magazine + Lily Trotters...For The Win!

Trail Runner Magazine + Lily Trotters...For The Win!

Have you ever had to sit on a loooong flight only to find your luggage had been lost once you arrived at your destination? No fun. That's exactly what happened to Trail Runner Magazine's Associate Editor, Megan Janssen. 

Megan quickly found out just how amazing Lily Trotters compression socks are when she was forced to wear a single pair for FIVE days as she ran, hiked and covered a race in Switzerland.

"I was sincerely amazed at the ability of these socks to keep up with my rigorous schedule, to maintain their compression and, amazingly, to limit odor. I wore them on two runs and on all-day travel and reporting days. My feet were happy and my legs were not edematous or tired."

Score! We are so jazzed about this glowing review from Trail Runner Magazine. We're also happy we could be there to make an unfortunate situation slightly more bearable, enjoyable even, for Megan. 

Thanks Trail Runner for the positive review. We must admit, it feels pretty nice to be recognized favorably by such a respected voice in the running community.


Team Lily