SELF Magazine gives Lily Trotters snaps

SELF Magazine gives Lily Trotters snaps

We are SO jazzed to be getting some serious L-O-V-E from SELF Magazine for our high-performance compression socks.

In their review of Lily Trotters compression socks, SELF writes: "Cute compression socks might sound like an oxymoron, but this pair helps increase circulation without being an eyesore."

Um, yes!

Thank you SELF Magazine for understanding what makes Lily Trotters different. In fact, the whole inspiration behind creating this brand of athletic compression was to FINALLY have a fashion-forward compression option that doesn't scream "boring" or "grandma."

The Lily Trotters team did a happy dance after finding out about this feature -- good thing we were wearing our compression socks because we were in need of quick recovery after busting out some pretty intense celebratory dance moves. 



Team Lily

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