Gorgeous Gift Ideas from Reader's Digest--Including LTs!

Happy woman wearing socks lounging on bed

Reader’s Digest published this list of 85 thoughtful present ideas for her, and our gifting game is on! These drool-worthy finds from lifestyle writer Lois Alter Mark have us wanting to buy for all of our besties, and even some of the men in our lives, too. Plus, Lily Trotters are included in the compilation! 

We’re thrilled that Lois accentuates not only our “vibrant and stylish” designs but also the health benefits of our compression--because who hasn’t been sitting more these days? And as the pandemic eases, we know our socks will support you as work from home transitions to neighborhood block party. Heck, you may even be able to give some of these treasures in person.  :)  Happy gifting!