Why Athletes Should Be Wearing Compression

Okay, we'll admit it. Trying to find the best compression socks probably isn't the first thought that runs through the head of any would-be athlete as they're buying workout clothes and getting geared up to annihilate their well-formed goals. It's also not a subject that gym veterans are likely to pay a great deal of attention to, either – but they REALLY should! These aren't the kind of socks you receive in your stocking for Christmas; no, compression socks are actually packed to the brim with benefits, and thanks to some savvy designers, compression socks for women are no longer drab, 1930's-inspired oven mitts for the feet. These days they’re sassy, classy and unique, while allowing you to exercise more freely, safely and comfortably. Beyond that, they make everyday movement, and recovery, easier, too. It's simply a win-win, and that's why we want to show you exactly what makes them so great.


  1. Circulation

Yes, circulation – the manner in which blood flows freely around the body. Again, probably not the most exciting aspect of exercise when you're on the elliptical rocking out to Maroon 5, daydreaming about 6-packs, buns of steel and soaking up rays on a secluded beach alongside Adam Levine (or is that just us?) – but when you start to cramp horrifically, have restricted movement and generally feel uncomfortable before, during and after exercise, you'll wonder, "surely there must be something that can help with this." And there is: a pair of the best compression socks you can get your hands (or should we say feet!) on is going to help alleviate all of these issues and more. Compression socks work by encouraging blood flow and therefore oxygen uptake, allowing your lungs and muscles to perform more effectively together. Simply put, they'll allow you to get more out of your exercise while keeping your head in the game (and stay free of distraction while fantasizing about drinking piña coladas with a certain uber sexy, tattoo-clad rock star) – and that's ALWAYS a good thing.

  1. Less pain, more gain

Does anyone really have time for pain these days? It's hard enough to find time to exercise in this hectic modern world, and there's nothing worse than finally finding the time to train, only to be encumbered by cramping, body aches, exhaustion and general discomfort. No one wants that! The only thing that matters is smashing through your next goal and minimizing troublesome areas so you can look and feel like a million bucks, in time for summer or your upcoming high school reunion. Are we right or what?!

Working on fitness might be hard but it should also be fun and your goals should be attainable – allowing you to become an all-around energizer bunny without the chains of restriction (read: heavy legs and aching joints) bogging you down. Thanks to the latest women's compression socks on the market, you can break through every obstacle in a pain-free, safe and comfortable manner without having to worry about feeling tied down! The best compression socks feature a tiered pressure system – called “graduated compression” – which starts gently in the foot, is tightest at ankle then incrementally decreases leading up the leg. Compression socks help to prevent blood-pooling and cramping. These common exercise enemies' days are numbered, and we're willing to say you'll feel the difference immediately.

  1. As individual as you are

Sportswear hasn't always been associated with high fashion, and there's a good reason for that: designers of the past definitely overlooked the “fun” in functional. An important element of staying motivated is looking good, which in turn allows you to feel good. If neither of these elements is in place, it's all too easy to lose motivation completely and give up on your well-intentioned goals. Everybody deserves the right to look like a femme fatale while training and, luckily, a few companies producing women’s compression socks have seized an opportunity to turn what has traditionally been a rather dull aspect of sports attire into a bold fashion statement. Because of fashion-forward companies like Lululemon, Athleta, Sweaty Bands, Oiselle and Lily Trotters (to name a few) there are endless, original and sassy designs available for you to don on the track or in your local gym, safe in the knowledge that you still look awesome. 

  1. Less of the nasty stuff...

Let’s face it: one of the worst things about pairing compression socks with a fitness regimen is, well – stinky feet. They can also be quite hard to get on and off. Never has this been truer than with outdated compression sock styles. When worn for exercise, compression socks notoriously smell terrible and are difficult to put on and take off— especially when athletes combine sweaty germs with the overall tightness of socks. Luckily, the best compression socks are now made of antimicrobial and moisture-wicking material that allows them to glide on and off more easily while alleviating yucky smells and uncomfortable dampness. You won’t need to wear your cape at the gym… if you’ve got the right compression socks on, you’ll feel like wonder woman.

It’s easy for us to tell you that compression socks will increase your athletic performance, or speed up your muscle recovery, but until you give them a try, you will never truly understand exactly what it is we can’t stop blabbing about. There are many benefits to wearing compression socks, and we know your training, circulation and freedom of movement will benefit tremendously from getting yourself a pair of the best compression socks on the market today!  If you get a good, high-performance pair (and why stop at good when you can get sassy & sexy, too), we're confident your training results will peak. You will be able to train more effectively and hassle-free— and if you use them for recovery, you’ll find yourself free of many injuries that often sideline athletes.

To learn more about the benefits of wearing compression while you're working out, traveling or on your feet all day, check out the Lily Trotters’ difference and the  Benefits of Compression.

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