Surviving The Winter Blues

Surviving The Winter Blues

It's about the time of year when winter begins to feel as if it's never going to let up. Yes, the days are getting longer but temps may not yet be dropping and late-season snowstorms shroud any indication that spring is just around the corner. This cold, gloomy and seemingly endless season can slowly chip away at your motivation to do just about anything. It's important to recognize the potential for the winter blues to grasp hold of you, and take some simple steps to set yourself up for success during these months. We have some tips below.

Vitamin D

The sun can seem like an old friend you've lost touch with come January. Many people find their Vitamin D levels drop significantly during the winter season. It's super easy to combat this by taking a daily supplement. Vitamin D is required for calcium absorption and boosts your immune system, and it also helps the body maintain higher levels of serotonin during the winter. Don't wait for the doldrums to hit, start taking vitamin D as soon as the days start feeling shorter and the temperatures begin to fall.

Gratitude Journal

A daily habit of gratitude journaling can work wonders when you're feeling down in the dumps. Taking 5 minutes every day to list 5 - 10 things that you are grateful for, will absolutely help to brighten your day, despite the lack of sun. Keeping things in perspective and focusing on the positive can keep you motivated to live your best life even when the season is trying to persuade you to become a hermit and stay in bed all day. 


 Winter is a good time of year to focus on recovery. If you spend 3 seasons outside pushing your body to its limit, take winter to hit the reset button. Sign up for a restorative yoga or a foam rolling recovery class. Develop a 30-minute injury prevention routine. Wear compression socks to keep your blood pumping and legs feeling lively. These small steps will pack a big punch in terms of preparing your body to get after it when spring finally makes its arrival.

Eat Fresh

It can be SO tempting to spend chilly months eating comfort foods and loading up on junk food. Don't skip the salad! Make a veggie soup that will keep you warm and provide the nutrients you need to feel good. Make sure you are eating fresh foods that will make you feel alive rather than like a slug. 

Make Plans

Whether it comes down to physical fitness, reading books or entertaining your children, everything is better with friends! Making plans to do all of these things with other people will keep you motivated to follow through and will just be a lot more enjoyable overall. If it's snowing outside but you have a run date with a friend, you'll be less likely to flake out on your goals. Maintaining a healthy social calendar during the winter time will result in a healthier mindset, too.


What do you do to keep the winter blues at bay? Share in the comments below!




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