Stuck at Home? Save your Legs!

Stuck at Home?  Save your Legs!

Have you noticed a significant dip in your couch cushion or a thinning spot on your carpet under your desk? Have you been experiencing tingling in your legs or stiffness in your ankles? The past few months have forced us to condense our family, work, and play into much smaller spaces--and it means we’re probably more stationary than we’d like to be. Whether we’re working out of the bedroom, managing “daycare” in the living room, or having a virtual happy hour with friends on the sofa, we’re all sitting or standing in one place for longer periods of time. What’s that do to our legs?

Sitting or standing for too long in one position slows down circulation, causing blood to pool in our legs, ankles, and feet. This creates those prickly, achy feelings we often experience at the end of a long workday or flight. Furthermore, people who sit or stand for long periods are at greater risk of more serious swelling, spider veins, varicose veins and even blood clots. Yikes! So how do we keep our legs healthy if we’re stuck in one position?

That’s right: compression!

Compression increases the blood flow from our legs to our heart, helping our legs feel energized and refreshed. It can also reduce the cramping and stiffness that comes with sitting/standing for too long and delay the onset of those pesky damaged or enlarged veins. Most importantly, they can help prevent the development of any blood clots! 

Lily Trotters are at just the right level of compression to help your legs and feet stay healthy while still being easy to put on/take off and comfortable to wear all day long. Plus, we’re cute! We might just make you feel better about having to take another conference call. :)

Here are a few more tips for keeping healthy if you’re stuck sitting or standing for too long: 

  • Take movement breaks: Try self-massage, 1 minute fitness bursts, stretching, house laps. Incorporate these into your daily schedule!
  • Consider what you’re standing on:  If you’re standing for long periods, you may need to consider what you put on--or under--your feet. Are you most comfortable in bare feet, or do you find you need support? Perhaps the surface under you is too hard?  
  • Drink water: Staying hydrated helps blood flow; plus, going to get the glass of water counts as a movement break!
  • Change positions: Alternate between sitting or standing, even changing rooms when possible--anything that forces your legs to make a change and your blood to move! 

What ideas do you have for keeping healthy when you sit or stand?  Let us know!

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