Need Summer Fitness Inspo? Follow these accounts!

Need Summer Fitness Inspo? Follow these accounts!

Everyone knows it can be tough to motivate in the cold months of winter. Waking up early to crawl out of a warm bed when the skies are still dark and the temps are close to freezing can feel pretty impossible...and that makes a lot of sense.

The sunny days of summer bring challenges of their own, but we don't often hear about how people struggle with fitness during this time of year. First, if you live pretty much anywhere East of the Mississippi or in the Southern region of the U.S. -- you're likely dealing with some killer humidity and unpredictable weather patterns. If you're a mom, summer means NO SCHOOL, which can absolutely disrupt any routine you were previously sticking to. These factors plus the addition of summertime events like BBQs and vacations can throw a major wrench in your fitness game.  

If you're struggling with staying committed to an exercise routine right now, you are definitely not alone. We thought we'd share a few IG accounts that we find inspiration from year-round. These women are relatable, unstoppable and transparent about all things life. Give them a follow!

Crystal Seaver

Crystal regularly shares new and effective moves for strength & mobility, often with her furry training buddy Belle doing her best to cheer Crystal on. Crystal's videos and pictures make trying out her routines easy to follow and mostly include exercises you can do from home with just a few additional pieces of equipment. Crystal does a great job in keeping the motivation high year-round, but also keeps it real when maybe she's just not feeling it or dealing with stress in her personal life -- because she's human too! Follow Crystal if you don't already, and you can thank us when you're sore for a week after attempting one of her mobility Monday routines! 

Sarah Scozzaro

Like Crystal, Sarah's (aka @drtyrunner) IG feed is stock full of exercises routines that will leave you sore but wanting more! Sarah includes amazing photography from her early morning trail adventures, which motivates us to get up and appreciate what the first light of day has to offer. Her positive outlook and her adorable cats leave her followers smiling from ear to ear as they get ready to implement some of the latest strength moves she shares on the regular. If injury prevention is your main focus, look no further. Sarah's got all the right moves to help athletes of all background stay strong and injury-free.

Lindsey Hein

Hey Mamas! You may be familiar with her uber-popular podcast 'I'll Have Another with Lindsey Hein' but it's her IG stories that leave us feeling like "If Lindsey can do it, then we can too!" This busy mom of four young boys still makes the time to get out and run or hit up her favorite pilates spot. Even when it's hot as heck and her kids are driving her up a wall, she gets in done. AND, it's honestly awesome to see another mom in action in general. Lindsey is the most down to earth mom who loves her children fiercely but isn't afraid to share how challenging it is to manage mom life, business owner life and runner life. We'd say she's doing a pretty great job and if you're feeling like you need someone to relate to in order to stay motivated throughout your summer madness -- Lindsey is your gal!

Amelia Boone

If you feel like summer is derailing your goal is always working towards the best version of you, then look no further for some mega girl crush inspiration. Amelia, a champion OCR racer and elite ultrarunner, has spent recent months sharing her struggles with disordered eating, injury, and fear of participating in activities that could result in injury. Every day, Amelia shares 10 things she is grateful for and is open and honest about the steps she's taking to try new things and become her "best self." You'd be hard-pressed to find an individual to follow that is making waves in only the most positives ways right now and if you give her a follow, you may find yourself catching the gratitude journal bug, too! Amelila exudes gratefulness even when things aren't easy, and is a great person to follow if you need a little (or a lot) of real-ness to keep you going right now!


Do you struggle with sticking to a routine in the summertime? Who inspires you to keep going when motivation is lacking? Share in the comments below!

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