Meet Coach Lora!

Meet Coach Lora!

Howdy Lily Trotters fans! This is Coach Lora Erickson aka @theblonderunner.

I am originally from Colorado but was recruited to Utah to run long distance for Utah State University where I graduated. I begin coaching running in college and have since welcomed the variety of triathlon training into my exercise regimen. I absolutely love to race and have a passion for coaching and helping others. I am an adventurous mother of four (+1 in heaven). I love to fish, hike, backpack, gardening, go camping etc. when I am not training. I am excited to take you along and share my adventures with you as a proud member and ambassador of the Lily Trotters family. 


There is nothing more thrilling as being surrounded by the mountains. Last summer I enjoyed a backpacking adventure in the Uintahs with my family. It is always so refueling to inhale the fresh mountain air and be surrounded by trees and lakes. I especially love to go fishing. There are some amazing places to adventure in Utah.

Six years ago I was hit on my bike by a truck. I was lucky to walk away from that incident but it changed me forever as any near-death experience would do to a person. At the time I was coaching runners and triathletes full-time, competing as well as juggling being a mother of four children working from home. I was at the top of my game but hit my head on the ground hard and suffered a concussion and had debilitating daily headaches for nearly 9 months.

At the time I was contemplating doing my first Ironman event which consisted of competing in three consecutive events; 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride followed by a 26.2 mile marathon. This is a daunting task even to a fully functional experienced triathlete. Perhaps the accident would have deterred a less determined person however for me it fueled my need to complete the event. I simply didn’t want to die before I got a chance to accomplish a goal I had sent for myself.

After a surgery and some healing and with the clearance from the doctors I moved forward with my #ironman training. I am happy to say I completed Ironman Maryland just over one year from the date I was hit in very tough cold windy conditions. Simply I believe that you can choose to have challenges become stumbling blocks or stepping stones. The choice is up to you. But I would encourage you to be unstoppable! 

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