Meet Alexa! Race Director. Battleaxe. Mother Runner.

Meet Alexa! Race Director. Battleaxe. Mother Runner.

Hi Lily Trotters friends! My name is Alexa Hasman (@alexahasman) and I am excited to be taking over the Lily Trotters Instagram for the next few days to share a bit about myself, my community and my love for Lily Trotters! 

I am a coach (@fitliferunlife) and race director (@gorgeousseries) based in Portland, OR. Outside of my work, I am a mom to two little humans and two rowdy pups. For fun, I like to run long and challenging races with a passion for the 100-mile distance. Training for these distances takes a toll on the legs which is why I am so grateful I found @lilytrotters to help me stay moving through my workouts! 

I look forward to sharing more about my journey in the next few days!  

Being a mom is an athletic endeavor on its own! With a four-year-old and a six-year-old, my littles keep me on my toes and running from playing monsters to hurdling living room obstacle courses. There is never a slow moment. 

Lily Trotters help me move from activity to activity with these two active humans while keeping my legs feeling fresh and ready to take them on when they suddenly challenge me to an impromptu game of chase. 

I love raising active little ones and showing them how strong women are by leading by example. 

As a coach, I spend HOURS of time on my feet. Often this includes running, jumping, squatting and so much more as I cheer on and guide my athletes to achieve their goals. And as a race director, I am also spending full days running around and on my feet ensuring a safe and fun race. It is so fulfilling and fun but also tough on the body… especially on top of my own training! 

Lily Trotters helps me do my job and jump into my own training! But the best part is, they are so cute!!!  I love being part of the Lily Trotter community and have loved getting to spend that last few days with you on here!  Thank you for welcoming me and following along with my story! 

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