I am here to tell you that Lily Trotters compression socks are for ALL ages!

August 17, 2016

I am here to tell you that Lily Trotters compression socks are for ALL ages!

Dear Lily,

I intended to write to you long, long ago but then life got in the way (as it often does). A little background … in March, I hit the big six-five birthday which means I spend quite a bit of time wondering how the heck that happened so fast. I don’t FEEL 65 and I certainly don’t THINK 65 but that’s where I am.

Compression Socks for Flying

My first experience with compression socks was a few years ago when I was lucky enough to spend a summer vacation in Europe. It’s a long flight over the Atlantic Ocean and friends who know better made me promise to wear compression socks. I did and what a difference! My legs felt like they were being massaged the entire time and I had enviable energy at flight’s end.  I must admit I felt a teensy bit smug as I looked around to see fellow travelers slowing making their way off the plane. While I didn’t exactly hop, skip and jump, I walked with a certain bounce in my step!

Helping My Heart With Compression Socks

Then, that fall, I had a little “heart event.” Well, not quite little; unbeknownst to me, I was a walking heart attack in waiting. It was a total surprise because I had quit smoking years ago, I exercise regularly now, and also eat a fairly healthy diet. But genetic factors were at play and the surgeon said the blockage had started in my teens.

Now Lily, be patient, I am getting to why I am writing. A big event like having a stent inserted in my heart soon became a reevaluation of my goals. I realized the cliché is true – life is short and I did not think I wanted to continue 70-hour stress-filled work weeks. At the same time, I had ramped up my exercise schedule, changed to a whole-food plant-based diet, and faithfully now take the statin drug necessary for my heart. I decided semi-retirement was in order and took the next months to look for an intellectually challenging job that did not require the same long hours and high levels of pressure.

Showing off power-lifting in my Lily Trotters!

Showing off power-lifting in my Lily Trotters!

Meanwhile, one of the unfortunate side effects of the statin drug is muscle cramping and soreness. Ah ha, Lily Trotters to the rescue! What a difference! Wearing my Lily Trotters compression socks made my achy legs feel like they were receiving a perpetual hug. I had originally thought that the snug fit required of a compression sock would feel claustrophobic, but just the opposite— it felt more like a gentle massage.

Exercising and Sleeping in Compression Socks 

Considering the frequency and intensity of my exercise routine, I noticed my legs were more sore than usual. So now, not only do I wear my Lily Trotters during my workouts, but also at night. I sleep with my Lily Trotters on and what a difference in the morning; no more tossing and turning from leg aches and pains.

Car Travel in Compression Socks
Last but not least, I recently moved cross country (that’s where my life reevaluation led me!). The 3,500-mile drive was long to say the least. My 65-year-old hands ached from holding the steering wheel and my butt … well, I’ll spare you THAT description. But my legs? Each day of driving ended with my Lily-wrapped legs feeling quite comfy, thank you!  It was amazing.

From the west coast of Florida, Lily Trotters and I arrive safely at the Pacific Ocean and our new home in Monterey, California.

From Florida to California, Lily and I arrive safely at our new home in Monterey.

Living Fashionably in Compression Socks 

And, an unexpected additional benefit is the fashion attention. Your beautiful designs and hip colors redefine the look of compression; I wear them out and about, showing off my legs in healthy style!

So, dear Lily, I love all the posts and comments from your cute, young clientele. But I am here to tell you that Lily Trotters are for ALL ages. Not only that, but also that compression socks have been life-changing for me. They should not be relegated only to long-haul flights because they certainly got me through my cross-country drive. I am happy to contribute to getting the word out about compression socks and their ability to make our legs feel amazing as we all navigate our busy lives, at any age! And, then when we lay our heads down at night to recharge and sleep in our Lily Trotters, our legs experience that wonderful all-night hug.

I can’t wait to see where you fly to next, Lily.

Thank you and take care! 

Helen Ruisi

Daughter Hannah, age 28, and grand-dog Marley after Hannah completed her FIRST half marathon in Austin, Texas.  Lily takes care of us at ALL ages!

Daughter Hannah, age 28, and Marley after her first half marathon in Austin, Texas.  Lily takes care of us at ALL ages!

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