Any Sport Any Season: Compression socks save Equestrians and keep them comfortable in the saddle.

Any Sport Any Season: Compression socks save Equestrians and keep them comfortable in the saddle.

Anyone who is fortunate enough to participate in an equestrian sport understands the importance of gear and the challenges of being comfortable both during and after a ride.

As compression socks are becoming more and more mainstream, many equestrian athletes depend on them regularly to energize and support their legs while riding and to minimize their soreness post ride so that they can get back to training more quickly and pain-free.

All riders know that a good ride starts with being outfitted properly: with a helmet that fits your head and isn’t too loose or too tight; with boots that hit right under the knee and don’t rub your ankles or feet; and with pants that not only fit how you want, but also add the level of grip you desire. All of these individual preferences work to suit each rider up for success. Now riders can add compression socks to their must-have list.

Top raves riders have shared about Lily Trotters compression socks:

  • minimize soreness
  • alleviate ankle swelling
  • enable harder training
  • speed up recovery time
  • stay up without creating rubs
  • keep lower legs cool and dry
  • easily slip into tall boots
  • transition smoothly from saddle to office
“Lily Trotters compression socks have saved my legs. Being able to ride horses and then work out in them has minimized my recovery time and soreness, and has helped keep my legs fresh for the show ring.” Gabi Sorrentino, Division I Equestrian
Whether an eventer, hunter, dressage rider, steeplechase jockey or western rider, Lily Trotters compression socks are built to help you get through your long days in the saddle, around the barn and in all aspects of your life. Now you can complete your training and show wardrobe with powerful socks that work for you!
Give your legs ((hugs)) they will love and pamper yourself...not just your horse!

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