Compression socks in summer? Don't sweat it!

Compression socks in summer? Don't sweat it!

Lily Trotters compression socks are moisture-wicking AND antimicrobial. They are an integral piece of performance gear for ALL SEASONS. 

Do you live in Arizona and head out for a run mid-day in the middle of July? We didn't think so... but if you did, Lily Trotters compression socks would keep your calves from cramping up as the rest of your body starts falling apart from over-exertion under the hot desert sun...Lily Trotters are "breathable" even when you are barely breathing! :wink:

Look, we don't recommend anyone participate in high-intensity workouts during peak temperature times in the dog days of summer. AND, most people don't. Individuals that are committed to fitness and leading a healthy lifestyle tend to wake up early or hit the pavement at dusk and that's because they want to perform as best they can, maximizing the benefits of the time spent working out when temperatures are in their favor. Lily Trotters compression socks could and should be worn during these times. The thin and luxurious weave isn't bulky or thick like other running compression socks.  Lily Trotters compression is designed for a woman by a woman with comfort in mind. If you do want to head out in high-temps without any sun-cover, we recommend wearing light, heat deflecting colors from head to toe.

Do you want to be able to run longer during your morning neighborhood jog with energized legs? Perhaps you want to increase the speed of your splits during your weekly evening track workout - but, you don't want that increase of speed and high-impact routine to result in injury or next day muscle soreness. Do you notice swelling in your ankles when you walk your dog or take the baby for a stroll around the neighborhood in summer time? Wearing running socks like Lily Trotters during or immediately after any of these activities will keep your body injury-free and ready for the next day's routine getting you one day closer to achieving your fitness goals, whether it be a bucket list marathon, a 5k PR or shedding the last few pounds of your baby weight. You've got this and Lily Trotters is here to help...all year long.

Lily Trotters Ambassador & Blog Contributor, Casey Szesze, runs hill repeats in the early morning to capitalize on cooler temps in the summer time.

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