Best Gifts for HER Under $40!

Best Gifts for HER Under $40!

Unless you one of those super-organized people with the enviable skill of purchasing Christmas gifts in the summer, chances are you won't be wrapping gifts this weekend.  Instead, you'll be scrambling to finish your holiday shopping, hunting for gifts that don't scream "last minute". Take heart, because we've compiled a list of affordable gifts that say "from the heart"!

Hobby/Home Decor: Perhaps you have a friend that always wants to try new things, but for that reason never commits to one hobby for long? Let her be a proud gardener with these air plants that require limited care and no soil. Add this lovely trio of hangers and you'll have a gift that will delight her--and won't perish--even when she moves on to the next thing.

Jewelry: She'll be thrilled with this darling pair of bee studs! Whether they flirt with both ears or she dons one in a constellation of other earrings, they're sure to sweeten any look.

Tech: Any gal pal will be thrilled to have her music playing wherever she goes, thanks to this hand-sized, waterproof portable speaker. With a rechargeable battery, integrated carabiner, and 10 hours of playtime, she can belt out her tunes whether she showers indoors or in the wild.  Bonus--it comes in so many cute colors!

Beauty: Help her maintain her glow with a special skincare kit! Keep it simple, but classic with this iconic duo or let her try something new with this range of face masks. Let her know she deserves to be pampered.

Entertainment: This card game made it onto several Top 10 game lists of 2019, so let her in on the fun! Simple, yet quick and re-playable, this game is also easily portable. 

Wellness: And don't forget some Lily Trotters for her hardworking legs! Save now on holiday styles while supplies last and give her a gift that works like a massage but lasts much longer. She won't want to take them off!


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