Any Sport Any Season: Hiking to feel #Unstoppable!

Any Sport Any Season: Hiking to feel #Unstoppable!

With the change of seasons and the beautiful display of fall foliage throughout many parts of the country, we can't think of a better time of year to promote the benefits of hiking (and the benefits of wearing compression socks!). Fall is the best season to head out for a walk in the woods and there are plenty of ways to gain fitness and strength and stay injury-free while exploring the trails. Of course, Lily Trotters compression socks will help you reach your hiking goals.

Whether you're heading out for a multi-day adventure or a few hours of heart-pumping outdoor fun, wearing compression socks will promote circulation in your legs and feet, preventing fatigue and allowing you to go the distance. They'll also protect you from the dirt, weeds, bugs and scratches you may encounter on your journey! And, when you're not focused on achy legs or tired toes, you can take in the beauty of the nature around you. Changing leaves, trickling streams, and mountaintop views are a good excuse to get out and get moving! 

Compression socks also work wonders when it comes to alleviating the swelling that can occur when you're out for a few hours on the trail. When it comes to puffy hands and feet, staying hydrated is important and wearing compression is a good idea, too. Complement your Lily Trotters compression with a pair of sturdy and supportive shoes to keep feet comfortable and well-supported, whether they are hiking shoes or running shoes. Many prefer hiking shoes for the added support they offer on rough terrain, unless you're going for an FKT (fastest known time) like our friend Scott Jurek on the Appalachian Trail or our ambassador Sarah Keyes on the Joshua Tree Traverse...running shoes are definitely the better option if you're going for speed!

Gain fitness out on the trail by picking up your pace repeatedly on your journey. Push hard on the uphills and look for some serious inclines to increase the power in your legs over time. And, wear a pack! A little extra weight will multiply the challenge of the terrain. Not only do Lily Trotters compression socks prevent blisters so you can tackle a variety of trails and all the elements, but they reduce lactic acid build-up which means they are awesome for recovery -- multi-day hikers, this is especially important for you. If you wear compression, your legs will be ready to get back on the trail the next day and the day after that.

Hiking is a great activity to participate in year-round. We just especially LOVE the idea of slowing down our runs and hiking through the crisp fall air, enjoying the scenery and dreaming about the autumnal treats we get to gobble up after the day's adventure. Add Lily Trotters compression socks to your gear list the next time you head out for a walk in the woods and you'll feel better after your hike than when you started -- which is sort of the point of it all, right? Getting outside, being inspired by nature and coming back a better, stronger, more motivated person because of the experience!


What's your favorite season to hike in and why? Let us know in the comments below. 

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