Ta da!

February 08, 2016

Ta da!

Welcome to the all-new We couldn’t be more excited to unveil our redesigned website and debut our easy-to-shop online store.
Now you can buy the full line of Lily Trotters right here – starting with what is left of our first production run. We’re selling the last of these socks at great introductory prices. Thanks to a gangbuster Kickstarter campaign and pre-order sales, supplies are limited so get 'em before they’re gone.

Also, get psyched for March! That’s when the second run of Lily Trotters designer high-performance compression socks – being right knit now – will be available here in our store, with a few design tweaks inspired by
customer feedback. 
While you’re on our site, be sure to check out the community tab in our navigation. It’s full of testimonials from women who have been wearing their Lily Trotters. We hope you’ll join our online community of Lily Trotters fans. It’s easy – just use that hashtag #lovemyllytrotters on Twitter or Instagram and the photos you post of you in your Lily Trotters will drop right into our feed.
We love hearing from our customers and we want to know all about you -- your journeys, your races -- and what you want out of your Lily Trotters and life in general. So, send us messages @lilytrotters on Twitter and Instagram, or simply email Don't be shy!
Hey, did you know that your school, team, running club, or charity can order custom-designed Lily Trotters that are totally unique to you? We can design your socks to suit your style -- putting your group’s logo, team colors, inspirational word, you name it on our socks! To learn more about custom-designed LilyTrotters just email
Finally, if you haven't done so already, be sure to join our Sock Flock. This quick and easy sign-up will put you in the know for special offers and promotions.
Happy Trails,
Team Lily Trotters

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