It's a WRAP.

August 13, 2015

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We are so grateful to all who supported our Kickstarter campaign and helped Lily Trotters take flight with our first production run.

In the next few weeks all order information will be collected.We have hired a company called Backerkit that will help us keep everything running smoothly and will create an easy customer experience.

YARN SNAFU: It happens. And securing yarn made in the USA is our biggest manufacturing hurdle. It can take six to eight weeks to receive a yarn order. Our Whole Lotta Love heart socks will be delivered approximately six weeks after our other designs, due to a yarn delay for just this style only; all other sock styles will be manufactured and delivered as planned.

JUST IN: We finally got samples of our groovy striped socks called "Candy Stripes"! While they did not make it in time for Kickstarter, they can be pre-purchased by our Kickstarter supporters as an "ADD-ON" and by new customers as pre-orders.

MISSED OUR KICKSTARTER?: Through Backerkit, new customers can pre-order all of our socks at a great discount -- just not as steep as those savings offered to our Kickstarter supporters. We will keep everyone informed of our progress through regular Kickstarter and Backerkit updates, and through posts here on our blog. We’ll be working hard over the next couple of months to knit, fulfill and ship all of our pre-orders.

From the entire Lily Trotters team, we offer our sincerest thanks. We’re so excited to start delivering beautiful socks in just a few short months.

Happy trails!

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