"Cute compression socks might sound like an oxymoron, but this pair helps increase circulation without being an eyesore." Read More


"They're great if you wear flats on cobblestone lanes or through endless museums. They really provide support, so my feet don't feel sore after a long day out.” Read More

"They say “I care that your socks look as good as they feel.” They might even say “I wish Tina Turner legs for you.” Read More

"This year, I’m trying out Lily Trotters compression socks that promote better circulation and “increased athletic performance,” which can help in sprinting from store to store and for all the hours we’ll be standing. Compression socks also are good when traveling during the holidays." Read More


Lily Trotter’s compression socks are not the old fashioned “medical” socks from the past. They have unique designs and patterns that match every outfit, add zest to any look and are manufactured in the US.   Read More


"These stylish, imaginatively designed socks are both practical and good looking. Easy to get on and take off and light enough to wear with shoes, Lily Trotters socks deliver a comfortable yet supportive degree of compression. Styles range from Four Kisses (featuring "X X X X" kisses running up from the heels) to Candy Stripes." Read More



"Lily Trotters offers high-performance compression socks that are a favorite among runners and fitness fanatics. Lily Trotters combine fashion and fitness so women of all ages can reap the benefits of compression without sacrificing their personal sense of style." Read More.
"With all of their health benefits, from faster muscle recovery to energy conservation, compression socks are all the rage with the fitness obsessed. Lily Trotters offers a great variety of patterns and colors that are more girly than jock. Often, medically issued compression socks are extremely tight and not super attractive, but these are better for everyday use for your average Sporty Spice." Read More 

“Compression socks can be so boring, so I loved how these had a little personality and kept my circulation going. Felt great after my run and the next day—and this is after a 2-month hiatus due to a foot injury."  Read More

"Whether you're looking for a simple gift or stocking stuffer, Lilly Trotters compression socks are perfect for the runner in your life." Read More

"Built marathon-strong and designer styled. Adorable with slacks, running shorts or even peeking out of your boots with a skirt. Lily Trotters are easy to get on and off and comfortable enough to wear for hours on end." Read More

7 great gifts for the traveler in your life: Stylish and festive options of these kind of travel-friendly socks were hard to find…until now." Read More

"Socks always complete an outfit. Fashion, comfort and health all come together with Lily Trotters fashion forward compression socks." Read More.
" Find motivation to work out in the fashion, if nothing else. These adorable compression socks from Lily Trotters make organizing your sock drawer sound appealing."  Read More

"They’re fashionable, with designs focusing on the trendy woman. They’re built “marathon strong,” so you’ll be able to run hard and far. And perhaps what I thought was the best, they’re THIN and EASY TO GET ON AND OFF. That’s a huge deal with compression socks."  Read More
"Compression socks, once used only for medical purposes like preventing blood clots, have been gaining popularity in recent years among runners, nurses, travelers and those who spend a lot of time on their feet." Read More
"All Lily Trotter socks are knee-high, and range from cute and girly to a little funky to nice and plain, although they all have a scalloped detail at the top, which makes them stand out in a really cute way. I’m kind of partial to the Candy Stripes..." Read More

"Jet-setters and expecting mothers are perfect candidates for compression stockings. All of us are, for that matter. With this these funky fashion statements, you’ll be giving the gift of better looking legs and overall health." Read More
"Hill repeats and tempo runs make for some tired runners’ legs. Lily Trotters’ high-performance compression socks can help increase circulation after tough workouts, reducing lactic acid build-up that leads to soreness. And talk about cute!" Read More
"...the perfect last minute stocking stuffer. Whether she is traveling, keeping up with a daily workouts, or just relaxing at home make sure to pick up a pair of Lily Trotters compression socks." Read More
"For travel comfort and good health, outfit your favorite traveler with compression socks that will keep their legs from swelling during long flights. They’re also really good for walking tours of new destinations and trekking." Read More
"You know that baby boomers are starting to feel their age when new designs for compression socks -- the hallmark of grandparents everywhere -- are described in the marketing literature as "sassy," "sexy" and "adorable with your cutest running shorts." Read More
"Lily Trotters offers high-performance compression socks that are a favorite among runners and fitness fanatics." Read More


"Whether your teen is a fashionista or a cross-country runner, Lily Trotters' compression socks make for the perfect gift." Read More

"In today’s post I’m sharing the cutest way to recover from your workouts at home and why this item is so important! Oh, and it only takes 30 seconds to do (#heckYASSS)." Read More
"The many benefits of compression socks were enough to make me give them a try, and Lily Trotters provides a variety of styles that are cute and stylish. They are a fun addition to my activewear!" Read More
"Well, thank goodness someone came up with a sexy designer fashionable pair of athletic compression socks. Of course they aren’t just for traveling. Some people have to wear them all the time while working, walking, pregnant and even sitting. But when they are fashionable and come in a multitude of colors, then you don’t mind. (at least I don’t!)" Read More
"Lily Trotters are designed thin so they can pair easily with running shoes or boots, and despite their snug squeeze, they are easy to get on and off and can be worn comfortably for hours on end." Read More
"They may be just what you need to slip into for recovery after exercise or during pregnancy or air travel when it’s most important to keep blood circulating in the lower legs for vein health and to keep legs feeling refreshed and energized." Read More
"Socks might seem to be a rather pedestrian gift, but not when those stockings are ready for the cat walk. Lily Trotters are fashionable high-performance women’s compression socks that look as good as they work." Read More
"Whether you spend your day sitting on an airplane, at a desk, or running around the city, compression socks are a must-have! Lily Trotters offers high-performance compression socks that are a favorite among runners and fitness fanatics." Read More

"Lily Trotters: Cute and Functional Compression Socks -- I’ve tried them for both running and traveling, and find them comfortable and very cute." Read More

"I decided to wear them later on AFTER a run for recovery purposes and I loved them. They are super comfortable and secure... I’ve also been wearing them at night before bed when my legs are uber tired to keep the circulation going....I will certainly wear them on our next flight or car trip!" Read More
"I put them on and wore them with my sneakers to the grocery store and I wore a pair to do my Zumba. They are awesome!! My legs didn't have that tired feeling at all with these on. I could see how these could be incredible for flying too!" Read More 
"Not only could I run further and faster, but my recovery time was cut in half.  It was also easy to keep up with my Siberian Husky."  Read More
"I loved the polka-dots but the pink ruffles won me over. These were so me! Plus they are so much easier to put on than other compression socks." Read More
"I’ve been wearing the cute polka dot socks for the past week and am loving them! I think I prefer these for actual running since they’re more comfortable and have just the right amount of compression." Read More
"I’ve worn mine after all three of my most recent triathlons and I can honestly say that they’re some of the best compression socks I’ve worn.  They’re comfortable and cute.  I would definitely wear these in public, which is certainly not the case with a lot of compression gear." Read More
"When I came across Lily Trotters, I was impressed and knew I would wear their sassy sporty socks in a heart beat. - I’m on my feet from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm and usually come home with swollen feet.  Guess what…my feet and legs felt awesome and no end of the day swelling. That did it for me- I knew I needed compression socks in my life." Read More
“Not only are they fashionably adorable, THEY FIT MY CALVES. Yes, you read that right, they fit my big ole meaty calves! These bad boys kept my calves compressed and worked like a charm. I would recommend them for any activity from running to traveling to sitting at a desk all day at work.”  Read More
“These compression socks feel a lot nicer on my calves than my current compression socks. I can actually wear these all day at work or after a tough run without it irritating my eczema or sticking out like a sore thumb when I wear shorts in the summer.”  Read More


“It helped that I felt like a badass in my polkadot Lily Trotters socks. Because nothing says badass like polkadots. ;) My legs felt great in the compression socks and I was happy to discover I didn’t feel too hot in them even as I started sweating up a storm”  Read More
“They have graduated compression, but aren't tight enough that they are uncomfortable. They are a lot softer and thinner than other brands which made for a perfect mix of practicality and comfort!”  Read More
“And I am totally in love with them. I particularly like the way the toe area is loose Cushioned heels and reinforced toes with NO compression on the toes allowing for Comfy fit :) I have enjoyed a full day with these fabulous trendy compression socks! Comfy for all around fitness uses and stylish for amazing fashion look. ”
Read More
“I tested these twice before writing my review and both times my experience was the same. I did a 7 and an 8 mile run in them and both times my calves felt great during and after the run. And who doesn’t like to look down as they are running and smile when they see their fun gear? It automatically gives you a little emotional boost–am I right?”  Read More
“Active mommas rejoice! Now you can slip on a pair of compression stockings and still look fashionable for your morning run, Cross Fit class, 12-hour shift or your normal go-go-go lifestyle with Lily Trotters!”  Read More
“But I love the Lily Trotters. Where the well-known-brand socks are so tight they actually kind of hurt to wear, Lily Trotters are comfortably supportive. Where the other socks are thick and bulky, Lily Trotters are soft and thin and smooth”  Read More
“My first impression was that they were very soft; they felt much nicer than other compression socks/sleeves I’ve tried. They were also a lot easier to put on. My first run in them was a 5k before work. I was nervous about blisters, because, as I’ve written before, I have VERY blister prone feet. I was also nervous about foot cramps. Thankfully, I didn’t have any issues whatsoever. My shins felt comfortable and supported, the cuffs weren’t so tight that they cut into me (like my PC socks and Zensah sleeves), but they still stayed put, and I didn’t get any blisters. Hallelujah! ”  Read More
“Before I even took them out of the bag, the cute pattern and detailing at the top of the sock caught my eye. The socks felt thick enough to withstand many uses, and I loved the cushioned heel and tight squeeze. ”  Read More
“I did a 6 mile run in them and it felt like my legs were light as a feather, not only that, but they came at the perfect time! Since I started running again after taking some time off after my half-marathon, I have literally been waking up with horrible calf cramps! One night I even screamed out loud in pain in the middle of the night. It was horrible. So it was really nice to receive these, and I feel like they helped my crampy calf’s heal faster. They feel like a hug around my legs.”  Read More
 “1. They were very easy to put on, unlike some other compression wear that you have to tug and pull to get on. 2. The colors were really fun, and I loved the polka dot print. 3. They were SOOO comfy, and I actually slept in them last night and woke up with happy legs.”  Read More
“I’ve worn my Lily Trotters on my runs a handful of times and I loved them. My blister-prone feet didn’t blister, and I looked cool! Right now, I have them at work for days after a long run so I can rock the compression at my desk. You better believe I’ll be supporting Susan when her Kickstarter goes live!”  Read More
“They were perfect for my post race recovery after Sunday’s Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run. My legs felt as good as new on Monday.  ”Read More
“What I love about Lily Trotter, besides the fact they’re so darn cute, sassy and thin enough for regular shoes, is that you don’t have to fight to get them on or off.  There’s nothing more exhausting than having to try and squeeze your feet into compression socks and then get home from a hard workout and have to fight to get your compression socks off!”  Read More
“I think they may have gotten me through the run. Thank you Lily Trotters!! Lily Trotters are much easier to get on than ProCompression (which I usually wear) but they still give that support that you want when wearing a compression sock. These socks are also thin enough that you can wear them under pants when you’re not even running (which I have done in the past after a half marathon.)”  Read More
“Compared to other compression socks I've tried, they were fairly easy to put on. I found that if I started by putting my foot in and rolling the calf portion up slowly, they went on without a problem. I've washed them with my running gear in the washer and hung them to dry. The socks have maintained their compressive elasticity. They are still as cute as the day they came in the mail.”  Read More
“So I put my new Lily Trotters to the test and…hallelujah! They were significantly easier to put on. Just as advertised, they were also extremely cushiony, comfortable, and stylish and they provided a good amount of compression without being quite as tight as the Pro Compression brand.”  Read More
“They are amazing! Some of the other compression socks I have are very difficult to get on and I almost punch myself in the face doing so! These had just the right amount of compression and are super cute!”  Read More
“Cute AND comfortable new compression socks from Lily Trotters!”  Read More 
“I wore [Lily Trotters] to work the day after the Reston 10 Miler, and I definitely noticed the compression. Plus, my legs felt good during my run the next day.”  Read More
 "First of all, I could actually get them on without hurting myself. Where my other socks feel almost excessively squeezy these felt like they were compressing just right in all the places, even my feet. The material is also thinner and more breathable than what I’m used to.  Read More
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