Hi, I'm Michele!

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Name: Michele Dillon 
Hometown: Lakewood, CO 

All About Me...

Why do you run? It doesn’t matter how I am feeling, tired, sad, happy, etc, when I go for a run, I always end up with a smile on my face. Being outdoors and traveling on my own two feet and getting to explore all these beautiful awesome places is still amazing to me and I am grateful I am able to do it

Do you supplement running with other types of fitness? (yoga, weight lifting, etc.) My main love is running so trying to get myself to cross train is hard (and boring haha) but I do try to do yoga when I can and planks/pushups at home

Favorite post-run treat/meal/drink? Sunkist orange soda and french fries!

Favorite quote: Oh if there’s one thing to be taught, it’s dreams are made to be caught-Gavin DeGraw “Fire”

Favorite movie: The Princess Bride

Why Lily Trotters?

What do you like about Lily Trotters compression socks? Compression is an amazing way to prevent injury and to recover from long runs. The first thing I noticed when wearing a pair of Lily Trotters for the first time was that they were very lightweight and didn’t rub on the bottoms of the soles making me feel like I would get blisters, which is something common for compression socks. I also loved its ability to wick away sweat because I am a HUGE sweater and that makes my foot slide around in the shoe if it doesn’t keep dry

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