Hi, I'm Maddie!

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Name: Madison Hart
Hometown: Gunnison, CO 

All About Me...

What’s on your running playlist? Eminem, a bit of Katy Perry, Vitamin String Quartet, Matoma. Overall a wide variety! Anything Upbeat!

What do you do to overcome mental/physical challenges while running? I find that the hardest runs either physically or mentally become a little easier when I remind myself why I run and the things I am trying to accomplish. Or, when things get hard, I like to think about what is going on with the public lands I highly value and what I want to do to help- that always makes me run a little harder and get over the lows.

What are your non-running hobbies? Baking, skiing, water-color painting and gardening

If you could meet any woman from history who would it be and why? I would love to meet Kathrine Switzer because she never let anyone’s ideas of the fact that women were “too weak” to run a marathon stop her.

Do you have a running partner/s? I have many- all my teammates on the trail team I would consider “Running Partners”! My boyfriend is also an epic runner and he is good company!

Why Lily Trotters?

What do you like about Lily Trotters compression socks? I enjoy Lily Trotters because they provide a good amount of compression. My legs don't feel like they are in sausage tubes when I wear them. I also love the cute colors and prints!

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