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Name: Jenn Gill 
Age: 41
Profession: running coach, personal trainer, sports nutritionist
Charities Supported: Girls on the Run, Epilepsy Foundation, American Red Cross
Upcoming Races:Ray Miller 50K in December. I am sure there will be others and I’m in the process of planning my big race for 2018. 
Other Sponsors/Teams: InknBurn and Orange Mud.

Running Club Shout-out: San Diego Moms Run This Town!

All About Me...

When did you start running? I started running in 7th grade, at 12 years old.

Why do you run? The reason for running has changed over the years. I started running because my older brother ran and I wanted to do it too. I ran track and cross country through high school. After that, for many years, I ran just for fun. When I was 29, I wanted to run a marathon. In training for that race, I really fell in love with the community and how much running became part of my life in and out of running shoes. I also saw how running transforms people’s lives in some way, whether it’s overcoming tough times, weight management, empowerment or just meeting new people and running recreationally. I wanted to help others reach their goals, get empowered and change their lives along the way. I became a coach and started coaching for a local running store, as well as privately. I felt so honored to be a part of others’ goals and dreams but also their journey to a healthier, happier lifestyle. I also run because it helps me stay sane. I have a busy job, 3 kids and things get hectic. Running helps ground me. It’s when I connect with friends or clear my head when running alone. It’s helped me through some tough times of my own as well. Running will always be a part of my life and for that I am truly grateful.

Favorite distance: 50K

Bucket List Races/Runs: So many! As an ultra runner, my goal is to run Western States 100. But I also want to run the Big Sur Marathon and the Paris Marathon at some point, Shadow of the Giants 50K, any of the Ultra Adventure races : Bryce Canyon (though not sure which distance, maybe 50 miler), Monument Valley, Zion, Grand Canyon and Antelope Canyon. Such beautiful courses!

Do you train according to any particular plan/method? As a coach, I write out my own training plans and train accordingly. I try to balance the mileage with cross training such as yoga and strength training. And rest! I take 1-2 rest days per week.

What 3 words best describe your typical race strategy? Fun, ready and prepared! 

What’s on your running playlist? A lot of pop stuff because it’s generally high energy. Lady Gaga is fun to run to! But I like other stuff like Foo Fighters, Fall Out Boy and Coldplay.

What role does nutrition play in helping you reach your fitness goals? It is absolutely essential to performing and recovering well. Nutrition fuels your workout, helps you recover from a workout, which in-turn prepares you for the next workout. Without proper nutrition, there is no way your body can perform at its best.

If you could choose anyone to train with, who would it be and why? Well, my real-life training partner is the best. But, if I could train and learn from anyone else, it would be Kara Goucher because she runs with heart and her ability to balance running as an elite with being a mom, Scott Jurek for all of his ultra knowledge and Serena Williams for her drive and determination. 

Funniest running/most awkward running story? This is more of an embarrassing story after running. After a run with one of the running groups I was coaching, I was giving a talk on using power poses to boost confidence (think standing with feet wide and hands on hips like Wonder Woman). One such power pose is sitting, leaning back and lifting your arms, placing your hands on your head with your elbows out to the side. As I was demonstrating, the chair I sat in broke and I fell back on my butt! Not exactly a power pose!!

What do you do to overcome mental/physical challenges while running? I remind myself of all the things I’ve overcome, that I’m strong and can do anything. The pain I’m currently in won’t last forever and will pass. I just need to ride it out.

Road running or Trail running? Trail running always.

What is your spirit animal? Unicorn

If you could meet any woman from history who would it be? This woman is alive but I would love to meet Michelle Obama. She is a smart, strong woman that is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in and does so with conviction and compassion. I admire her character so much.


Why do you wear compression? Mainly for recovery. It helps my legs feel less sore and stiff after tough races or workouts. I also wear compression as I warm up before workouts because I feel it helps my legs get warmed up and ready to run faster. I also wear compression during shorter runs and races because I feel like it helps my legs perform better!

What do you like about Lily Trotters compression socks? They are not so tight they constrict blood flow rather than increase it. They are super comfortable and easy to get on and off. After some of my races, I have terrible blisters on my feet and Lily Trotters don’t hurt them when I put them on. And once I do, I forget they’re on! And they are just so cute.

Why do you want to represent the Lily Trotters brand? I love that Lily Trotters is a woman-owned business. I also love the thought behind the product. I love that the socks are so pretty and fashionable while being functional! I just love the little ruffle at the top. I don’t feel embarrassed when I wear them out because they’re so cute. They’re not just tall socks :) The colors and designs are subtle and flattering without being obnoxious.

What’s your favorite Lily Trotters style/color? I love the Om line. I need the pink pair :)

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