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Name: Crystal Anne Seaver
Age: 31
Hometown: North Waterboro, Maine
Upcoming Races: Endurance Society Infinitus 100 - May 26th - Completed
Jay Peak 50k, Leadville 100 [Pacing] Potential Races: UA Mountain Series PNW - Ray Miller 50 Miler 

All About Me...

Why do you run? Running is the one place in life that we connect simply by putting one foot in front of the other. Sometimes we connect with eachother, other times we connect with our innermost feelings. It’s a place where life is put into perspective and where we are reminded to do hard things.

Favorite distance: 50k plus. Short distance is not for me. I feel good after 5 miles.

Bucket List Races: Barkley Marathons, Western States, Cruel Jewel, Hurt 100 -- I could go on forever.

What 3 words best describe your typical race strategy? Go with it. You never know what to expect on race day, but a go with it attitude makes for an easier race day.

What do you do for recovery? I believe in easy days and hard days of training and schedule complete days off from training. Recovery also includes easy walking, maintenance [foam rolling] and a good nutrition plan.

What role does nutrition play in helping you reach your fitness goals? I talk a lot about fueling performance and eating the things that make us feel good. With a fine tuned 80/20 balance, I am able to perform my workout schedule.

If you could choose anyone to train with, who would it be? Some of my friends in the Square World - they are real, down to earth and there is unspoken connection when you put one foot in front of the other.

What do you do to overcome mental/physical challenges while running? Practice mindset. It is so easy to end up in a bad place during a long run or race - but, I constantly remind myself of a why, and that we have the ability to do really hard things. Other times, I’ll count to really high numbers -- this leaves no room for other thoughts.

Road running or Trail running? Trail!

What are your non-running hobbies? Outdoor adventure, family life, community connection, dogs

Favorite quote: You can do hard things. --- The minute you choose to do what you really want to do, it’s a different kind of life.

Favorite book: The Ultra Mindset - T. Macy, You are a Badass - J. Sincero, 50 Ways to Yay, -A. Panos

Why Lily Trotters?

What do you like about Lily Trotters compression socks? How are they different from other compression socks you’ve worn? The compression is the right amount of tight and the prints are cute [every day wear or run wear - you decide].

When do you wear your Lily Trotters? Trail running. High socks help keep all the dirt, rocks and things out of my shoes and they always stay in place. 

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