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Name: Casey Szesze
Age: 34
Hometown: Dublin, CA
Profession: Lily Trotters, Director Operations & Engagement
Upcoming Events: Flagstaff Skyrace 55K

All About Me...

When did you start running? I always enjoyed running and was drawn to sports that required endurance. I ran track in high school and decided not to pursue running at the collegiate level, but when I got to college in Flagstaff, AZ I missed running so much that I began heading on on the local trails daily. I made a BRF - best running friend - and she and I ran throughout all 4 years on a regular basis. We also ran our first half marathons together. The rest is pretty much history.

Why do you run?

Mental and Physical: I like to challenge myself, I like to feel strong, and I guess like to suffer just a tad.

Community: my running friends are the most eclectic group of people EVER. I run with with dudes as old as my dad, people from different cultural backgrounds, etc. Running has connected me with the most special people whose paths I never would have crossed otherwise. The trail running community is especially supportive, and (usually) has good taste in beer.

Experience: I love that running has taken me on tours of historic battlefields, to remote landscapes, up mountains and through a “sea” of 40,000 people running city streets.

Favorite distance: 50K and Half Marathon

Bucket list races/runs:

I definitely want to run R2R2R of the Grand Canyon. I had many opportunities while I lived near the canyon in college and always just figured I would get around to it eventually - then life happened. Lame!

Run Rabbit Run 50 mile & JFK 50

Do you supplement running with other types of fitness? Kitchen dance parties. Also, weight training and some yoga. Mostly, dance parties.

What do you do for recovery? Ignore my 3 children. Drink beer. I use the foam roller a lot, too.

What’s on your running playlist? I listen to a ton of podcasts. When I’m not geeking out and need some motivation I press shuffle on my ‘Listen Up’ playlist which can be found here. It’s got everything from Jurassic 5 to Bonnie Raitt and Kanye to The Lumineers...I like it all. When I hear anything that inspires me, I just add it to to the list.

If you could choose anyone to train with, who would it be? I am a HUGE fan of Magda Boulet, Lauren Fleshman, Clare Gallagher and Jackie Merritt. BUT, if I could train with anyone - it would definitely be my college BFF, Heather. I miss spending days pounding pavement or heading out into the woods with this super special human.  

What’s your go-to pre-run meal? Lots of H20 and usually a banana or fruit and nuts in a bowl with almond milk - my kids call this “fake cereal”...whatevs.

Favorite post-run treat/meal/drink? Bacon Cheeseburger, Sweet Potato Fries, Big Ass Beer or Bloody Mary. Mmmmm.

What do you do to overcome mental/physical challenges while running? Talk to myself. Smile. Create easily achievable milestones.

Road running or Trail running? Both are fun - but trail all the way.

What are your non-running hobbies? Does folding laundry, making dinner and grocery shopping count? I like to spend time outdoors with my kids.

If you could meet any woman from history who would it be and why? Louisa May Alcott, Janis Joplin, Rachel Carson and Mildred Ryder.

Why Lily Trotters?

Why do you wear compression? I typically wear compression to help keep my legs feeling energized on a long run and to aid in recovery after workouts that put extra strain on my legs (speed intervals/hill repeats). I also wore my Lily Trotters throughout my last pregnancy and on 3 trips driving cross-country. 

What do you like about Lily Trotters compression socks? What's not to love. I started as a product-tester and I've become more and more involved over time with this company and the product. When I first tested out Lily Trotters, I was blown away with how soft and comfortable my compression socks were. The compression is spot on, but the weave and the quality construction result in a comfortable less-restrictive feel. I can wear my Lily Trotters on the longest of days and don't feel the need to wrestle them off at any given point. AND, they're easy to get on and off - so no wrestling involved. The designs, of course, are a stand-out feature and the company's mission to support strong #unstoppable women really resonates with me. 

What’s your favorite Lily Trotters style/color? Black Dots. All things Om. Grey Stripes.

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