Hi, I'm Carina!

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Name: Carina Fryer
Hometown: El Segundo, CA 

All About Me...

Why do you run? Getting the heart rate up for awhile feels great, but the peace and quiet of the trails and being out with nature is the real draw. When I travel, there is that excitement of finding the nearest trailhead and what it has to offer.

What do you do for recovery? Roll, roll, roll, sleep, hydrate

If you could choose anyone to run with, who would it be and why? (could be more than one person) I love getting the chance to finally meet up and run with people who I previously only knew through Instagram. Meeting those long time IG friends is something special.

Favorite post-run treat/meal/drink? I find beer, especially if it’s an IPA, to be a great post long run treat. That and cuties. :-)

Favorite quote: I’m not sure who said this and it’s probably not a direct quote, “When it comes to ultra running, if you are feeling bad, just give it enough time and it will turn around. And the same goes for when you are feeling good.”

Why Lily Trotters?

What do you like about Lily Trotters compression socks? I have been battling varicose veins and circulation issues for years. Compression socks help tremendously. The Lily Trotters weave feels good against the skin and I like that the top of the sock doesn’t feel like it is binding. The designs are adorable.

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