Hi, I'm Ashley!

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Name: Ashley Nordell
Age: 37
Hometown: Sisters, Oregon
Profession: preschool teacher, mom
Partnerships/Sponsorships: rabbit clothing, Ultraspire, Skout Backcountry, Drymax

All About Me...

Why do you run? As a mom, it's my “me” time. But I also just love running- the time in the mountains, the challenge of pushing myself, the release from regular life stresses...

Favorite distance: 100 miles

Bucket List Races/Runs/Activities: Hardrock 100

What 3 words best describe your typical race strategy? Smile, have fun

What do you do for recovery? Before kids, I slept a lot. Now, recovery just means regular life schedule minus the running part

What’s on your running playlist? A very mixed batch, but a lot of country music

If you could choose anyone to run with, who would it be and why? My friend Darla - I could run with her every day and never run out of things to talk about. We just mesh together really well, both on and off the trails, and I am always grateful for miles we spend together.

What do you do to overcome mental/physical challenges while running? I can’t let my mind go too deep into the task ahead. In 100 milers in particular, it's not uncommon to feel rough at 30 or so miles, and if I allow myself to think about the fact that I have 70 more miles to go, it can be overwhelming. I try to block those thoughts from my mind and focus on smaller goals- the next aid station, or sometimes even just a mile or so ahead. It’s quite literally a step at a time. Sometimes music can also help change the mindset.

Road running or Trail running? Trail!

What are your non-running hobbies? Family - camping, road trips, hiking

Favorite quote: “And at the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hair messy, and your eyes sparkling.” Shanti

Why Lily Trotters?

Why do you wear compression? Post ultra races in particular, especially if I am traveling home, they help with the cankles and swelling. I will also wear them to work after races or long runs since I have to be on my feet for so many hours.

What do you like about Lily Trotters compression socks? How are they different from other compression socks you’ve worn? They aren’t overly tight, so I can wear them for longer periods or during runs. I also love the colors and designs.

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