InStyle talks styling Lily Trotters for travel

October 18, 2016

InStyle talks styling Lily Trotters for travel

The proof is in the footing! Just ask InStyle Magazine.

If you don’t have ‘travel to some far-off place’ on your bucket list, then you’re probably not human. Seriously. Traveling broadens our horizons in so many different ways and is almost always worth the discomfort and sleep deprivation that comes along with it. It can be hard to feel ready to explore a new place or meet old and new friends when you are in dire need of rest and a full body massage after a long day of travel.

This is the part when we tell you that by wearing Lily Trotters graduated compression socks, your blood will be circulating more efficiently allowing you to travel COMFORTABLY for HOURS ON END. Then we’d probably make some claim like, if your compression socks are leaving your legs feeling good and you aren’t fixated on how you just want to get up and walk around then you might be able to get some real shut eye! Our conclusion would sound something like, if you want to make the most of your time traveling near and far - wear Lily Trotters compression socks and... you’ll be ready to rock n’ roll as soon as you roll into a new locale! You’ll be able to hit the ground running the moment you hit the runway! You’ll be racing to explore a new land just minutes after landing! You get the point…

BUT, we don’t feel the need to say all of these things because InSTYLE Magazine has done it for us:

Not wanting to fall victim to swollen ankles or poor style, we have been scouring the internet for alternatives to frumpy tights and fraying socks. As professed travel enthusiasts, we know all too well how bothersome aching feet can be (particularly when donning those adorable but torturous stilettos), and we needed something to provide our precious lower extremities with the enhanced blood circulation they need to stay pain-free. Enter: compression wear. -- Lily Trotters offers high-performance compression socks that are a favorite among runners and fitness fanatics. Lily Trotters combine fashion and fitness so women of all ages can reap the benefits of compression without sacrificing their personal sense of style.”

So, the next time you’re planning a once-in-a-lifetime trip -- consider packing a pair of Lily Trotters compression socks. Make the most of your travel - more memories, more fun, more comfort & relaxation!


Team Lily

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