Gear Diary gives Lily Trotters Rave Reviews!

Gear Diary gives Lily Trotters Rave Reviews!

Judie Stanford, Gear Diary blogger, knows compression. She suffers from lymphedema in both legs, and relies on compression socks to help manage her swelling.

Judie's understanding of and experience with compression made her a great candidate to review our product. Which is why we were so happy to read that Judy has fallen in love with the Lily Trotters samples she recently received. 

"I have no idea why — out of all the bloggers in the world — Lily Trotters thought to send me a sample, but I have to say that I appreciate that they did. You know, I’ve spent anywhere from $9.99 to $69.99 on compression socks — almost always 15-20 mmHg, and these are the best I’ve tried yet."

Thanks Judie & Gear Diary for spreading some compression cheer and sharing the benefits of compression with your audience. 


Team Lily

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