February 07, 2017 spotlights Lily Trotters

It may still be cold outside, but says it’s not too early to start planning for summer. What number is “Obtain Beach-ready Bod” on your list?

By now most of us need a little extra motivation to keep up with our new year’s resolutions...setting a goal like getting in shape for summer is a great way to boost your commitment to healthy living. has put together a list of fitness essentials that will help you get strong in time for summer. Guess who made the list? Yep! Lily Trotters!

“Find motivation to work out in the fashion, if nothing else. These adorable compression socks from Lily Trotters make organizing your sock drawer sound appealing."

We are so pleased to have been officially listed as a ‘best product’ - but, we’re not surprised! (wink)


Team Lily

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USA Love List features Lily Trotters
USA Love List features Lily Trotters

April 27, 2017

When people think of the term “American made,” apple pie and quilts may come to mind. ‘Fashion-forward’ is a phrase usually reserved for products designed in places like Milan and Paris. Lily Trotters breaks the mold by designing and manufacturing a high-fashion product made right here in the states.
California love from M Magazine
California love from M Magazine

February 28, 2017

Lily Trotters is taking Silicon Valley by storm, thanks to the recent feature in M Magazine.  “These fun and fashionable compression socks help improve circulation in your legs, reduce inflammation, and keep feet in tip-top shape."
KTLA includes Lily Trotters in a fitness giveaway
KTLA includes Lily Trotters in a fitness giveaway

February 06, 2017

No autographs please! :wink: We have to admit, we're feeling pretty famous right now. If you live anywhere in California, then you know how big a deal KTLA's morning show is. Which is why were were THRILLED to find out Lily Trotters compression socks were going to be included in a 'Fitness Freebie' giveaway. 
What size works best for me?