Got Snow? 8 Great Gifts She's Sure to LOVE.

November 27, 2017

Got Snow? 8 Great Gifts She's Sure to LOVE.

Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but these 8 brands will be a mountain babe’s new best adventure partner. Tested under extreme conditions in the Tetons, you’ll feel confident you’re getting your money’s worth. Plus, score some extra points with your socially conscious chick when she finds out her gift guide supports good causes globally.

1. Ridge Merino base layers – Skiing, running, or just snuggling up in front of a fire, your lady will be living in these layers. Matching top and bottom patterns make these fun to pair, and unlike most merino products – somehow Ridge Merino figured out a recipe to stave off the stink. As 1% for the Planet members and with a commitment to sustainably producing their products, your purchase makes both your special person and the planet happy. Price: $29 - $99

2. Coalition Snow skis or snowboard – Women owned, operated, and designed, Coalition Snow is making women’s gear that doesn’t suck. Whether she’s a big mountain shredder or a cruising snow bunny, their SOS All Mountain Ski does just about everything from deep powder to slicing groomers – and what more could a girl ask for? Because joining the #sisterhoodofshred just sounds like so much fun, click here for 20% offPrice: $499 - $799

3. SOLO Sunglasses These aren’t just another pair of pricey shades you’ll lose within a week. Founded by women, SOLO utilizes recycled and repurposed materials for its 12 snazzy styles named after the areas where they work, like India or Guyana. And get this – SOLO has restored vision for over 15,000 people in need by donating a portion of each sale. At around $59 a pair you have yourself a win-win-win. Price: $59 – 89

4. Year membership to Yoga Today online yoga – Help your limber love avoid sub-freezing temps and crowded studio space with a year subscription to this online yoga studio. Whether she’s perfected Bird of Paradise or prefers practicing her Shavasana, Yoga Today’s $119/year membership will give her unlimited choices to get her stretch on. Price: $119/year or $15/month

5. Hydroflask Insulated Flask – Sure sure, another coffee mug. But before you roll your eyes, consider the options with this one. With a bomber seal that’ll free her from worries, your go-getting-gal will be the envy of her friends when she whips out her steaming chili lunch at the top of a bootpack. Or help her avoid an over-stuffed-burrito-explosion by converting the flask into a burrito bin. Not convinced? Steal this date idea from my boyfriend: whip up a strawberry milkshake and take her on an adventure. When you open the flask 4 hours later, she’ll be as impressed with your snack choice as she is with her gift. Price: $35

6. Reusable hand warmers – Nothing grinds my gears more than having frozen fingers and finding out my hand warmers are faulty. And by the end of winter, I regret not buying stock in HotHands. The solution was found in my stocking on Christmas morning. Bend the internal disc to bring instant comfort wherever she goes, then drop them into boiling water for a quick recharge that make these good for the planet and your pocket. Price: $23 on Amazon

7. Lily Trotters Compression – Does she kick ass on the trails and take names in the board room? Or maybe she’s a jet-setting sister making her mark on the world. No matter her passion, her legs will thank you for remembering them this holiday season. With patterns perfect for a skirt and bootie combo, and a design that has the same effects as a mini massage, Lily Trotter Compression socks move seamlessly between work and play. Price: $48

8. Yaktrax Run – Baby it’s cold outside – and treacherous. Nothing makes a leading lady feel less like a boss than wiping out mid-stride. Whether she’s logging miles or just surviving a Monday, a pair of Yaktrax will solidify her confidence to get after it. Price: $40


About the Author: Crista Valentino is a Lily Trotters Ambassador. This #unstopabble woman is the co-Founder and Director of CoalitionWild, where she works to support and encourage conservation locally, statewide, and internationally, while striving to inspire the next generation of ideas and leadership. Crista is a recent recipient of the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce "Rising Star" award.

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