7 Space-Saving Travel Hacks for Your Bulky Winter Clothes

February 14, 2018

7 Space-Saving Travel Hacks for Your Bulky Winter Clothes

Ah, wintertime travel. There’s nothing more magical than waking up at the crack of dawn, piling on a mishmash of warm winter clothes, and getting stuck in traffic while you're already late for your flight.  

Ok, maybe winter travel isn’t so magical after all. We can't do anything about the lines at security, but we can work on packing our bulky winter clothes more effectively. 

Here are 7 simple ways to help you pack light, even with winter clothing. 

1. It’s all about the layers 

If you're traveling for work, you don't want to show up at the boardroom in a floor length puffy coat. But you're in Chicago and it's -5 degrees out there! Instead, invest in a warm, stylish pea coat that can be paired with extra base layers; a camisole, long johns, fleece-lined leggings, and, of course, Lily Trotters underneath a smart pair of boots. 

With a dark-colored, classic coat, you'll be able to bring just the one and wear it from the airport to the work presentation. 

2. Use compression cubes

If you're not packing with compression cubes like these from Eagle Creek, you're seriously missing out. By utilizing these air-busting packing wonders, you can reclaim a ton of extra space. Jeans, sweaters, and heavy socks become a lot less bulky when they're condensed into compression cubes. 

3. Pack clothing inside of clothing

Packing clothes inside other clothes is another great way to compress your stuff. If you've got a pair of Lily Trotters compression socks in your suitcase, you can turn them into a packing tube for your underwear, bras, and other socks. Not only will that save you space, it'll make those small pieces of clothing much easier to find.

Shoes also offer space to stash clothes. Try rolling your t-shirts to avoid wrinkles, and sliding them inside of your sneakers. 

4. Use contact lens cases for lotion, shampoo, and more

If you're going for a short trip and you just need a squirt of your favorite liquid toiletries, contact lens cases are the perfect tiny packing device. You won't have to worry about buying travel-sized items every time you hit the road, and you definitely won't need to carry full-sized bottles in a checked bag. This won't work for everything -- some liquids will slosh over the tiny tub. But thick lotion or conditioner for a one-night trip is a great fit.

5. Choose your shoes wisely

Shoes take up a lot of space. They're also stiff and you can't squash them together like most of your other clothing items. Choose shoes that are versatile, and look for that perfect middle ground between stylish and comfy. You'll want a pair you can wear while running to make your connecting flight, and also rock them with a dressier outfit. 

6. Focus on one color scheme

You should be able to wear most of your clothes more than once on a winter trip, especially when you're layering and some of your clothes will never even touch your skin. Lay out your outfits and make sure most pieces can be used in more than one combination. If you focus on one color scheme, just about everything can mix and match and you can stick to one pair of shoes! 

7. Bundle your clothes 

When it comes to suitcase packing techniques, some people are rollers while other are folders. But we recently became fans of the bundling technique! Check out LifeHacker’s video for a full demo on bundling. Your suitcase might not look as pretty as it does when everything’s folded, but the bundling method is an excellent space saver. 

We hope your winter travel is more fun than stressful this year. Your Lily Trotters compression socks will be there for you to help with circulation and comfort along the way. 

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