6 Travel Tips for the Best Summer Ever

July 17, 2017

6 Travel Tips for the Best Summer Ever

Summer has a tendency to fly by before we've had time to find the perfect bathing suit, or plan the ultimate camping trip. Don't let the calendar flip by without you--there are so many beaches, road trips, and campsites just waiting for you to enjoy them. 

We compiled 6 summer travel tips to help you get moving and make the most of your summertime excursions. 

1) Stay hydrated.

It’s vacation time for your mind, but don’t forget your body! Try to watch your caffeine intake and don’t let yourself get dehydrated. Avoiding overconsuming too much salt, sugar or alcohol. 

The sun and heat of summer make it especially important to stay well-hydrated, which will help you maintain energy for all of those adventures you want to tackle. Find a water bottle that you really love, and bring it with you everywhere, from the beach to the trails. 

2) Increase circulation on long road trips. 


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Long road trips translate to long stretches of sitting, but compression socks like Lily Trotters can increase your comfort and prevent poor circulation They can also help speed up muscle recovery time, if you fall out of shape. These socks provide all the right pressure to your legs and feet, helping to improve your circulation. And, if you make a pit stop at an amusement park or a roadside tourist attraction, they're exactly what your legs want while standing in long lines. 

3) Take care of your skin.

Most of us know to slather on sunscreen when we're headed to the beach. But how many times have you been burnt during unexpectedly sunny situations? A forested hike, a car ride, and a camping trip can all seem like low-sun scenarios. Until they're not. Don't take any chances, and use sunscreen daily. It's also smart to keep a hat and some light layers for covering up in the car. 

4) Travel early to dodge crowds.

Sitting in traffic and waiting in lines are not our idea of summer fun. Get to the park early and leave early to dodge the crowds. Most campgrounds and parks will be busier now that it’s summertime--especially the most popular ones. 

5) Don’t forget your swimming gear!

Swimming pools aren’t the only place you’ll need your swimsuit. There are so many outdoor swimming opportunities in the summer, from waterfalls and swimming holes to riverside parks. When it’s the middle of August and everyone is floating or swimming, you don’t want to be left out. Keep a swimsuit in your travel bag, no matter where you're going. Remember the waterproof sunblock, too. Bring an extra towel, so the one you use during the day has a chance to dry out.

6) Prepare your vehicle.

Never assume your car, truck, motorcycle or RV is as ready as you are to hit the road. Have a professional inspect it, especially if it hasn’t been in the shop for a while. At the very least, pop the hood and check fluid levels, hoses and battery. You should also check the tire pressure and wipers. Bring extra fluid, jumper cables, bulbs and fuses, just in case. 

Now stop wasting time online, and go find some summer fun! 

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