5 Glampers Offer Advice on Embracing Comfort While Camping

August 16, 2017

5 Glampers Offer Advice on Embracing Comfort While Camping

You've probably heard the term "glamping" tossed around a lot, lately. But who needs another trend to follow, right? 

If the glamour camping movement doesn't sound like your cup of tea, consider this: Glamping can mean simply adding a touch of comfort to your regular camping routine. Any style of camper can benefit from a little extra comfort. 

We spoke to some glamping experts for advice on simple ways to make your next camping experience a little more glamorous. 

Glamping Experts Break it Down 

Glamping means something different to every camper. We spoke to 5 experienced glampers to find out how they embrace comfort in the outdoors. 

Margaret from New Mexico: Be well-rested. 

Margaret’s #1 priority when glamping is a good night’s sleep. She loves to mountain bike with her friends while camping, and she needs to be well-rested to tackle those trails.

So she brings an REI Kingdom Cot, sets it up in her tent with a Thermarest feather bed and nice sheets, and sleeps under a down comforter instead of a sleeping bag. No deflated pad or claustrophobic sleeping bag for this glamper!

Eliza from Colorado: Enjoy bug-free meals and yoga. 

Eliza loves cooking outdoors, but she hates mosquitos. So she installed an ARB awning with an attachable mosquito gazebo on her van. This portable kitchen lets her cook dinner in a comfy chair while she drinks a glass of wine and watches the sun set. 

Her gazebo is also spacious enough to roll out a yoga mat for morning sun salutations before a long day of playing in the mountains.

Annie from Arkansas: Stay clean.

Annie’s an avid sea kayaker who often camps at the bay to catch the morning light on the water. She goes “glam” by bringing her Cleanwaste portable toilet system and putting it inside the tent to avoid squatting in the woods. She also brings a Shark portable hand vacuum to make sure her car and tent stay as clean as her home.

Sabrina from Kentucky: Look good and feel good. 

Sabrina says you don’t have to throw out your beauty routine just because you’re on a camping trip. She and her husband love to hike and camp in the Blue Ridge Mountains in the summer, and they also like to go out on the town for coffee or a date night when they’re on the road. She brings her Tilvee eco-friendly shower, along with travel-sized skin and hair care products so she can feel good and look good for whatever she’s doing.

Jaime from Vermont: Focus on recovery. 

Jaime’s a mom of a mountain biking family; she and her 12-year-old daughter both compete in local races and the family comes along to camp. Her priority is making sure they all recover properly so they can perform well and ride safely the next day. They have a Eureka family-size tent for sleeping and another tent with chairs for lounging. Jaime always makes sure to pack nutritious meal ingredients and her favorite LillyTrotters compression socks for herself and her daughter. These are recovery must-haves after a long day of riding. 

Are you ready to try glamping for yourself? We'd love to hear about the glamping tips that work for you. Tell us how you stay comfortable while camping in the comments, below! 

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